Thanksgiving Times #1 (rikuo06): My Mind


I am thankful for possessing a mind.

 I think, therefore I am, therefore I'll change the world!

I think, therefore I am, therefore I’ll change the world!

I was thinking about thinking. That is to say, my mind was on my mind. That tends to happen a lot, and not just because I’m currently taking a course on philosophy of the mind.

My mind was my very first possession. Yes, even if the body I inhabit was conceived first, it might be said that I myself, my self, did not exist until my mind did. (Well, there may be something about spirit, but that’s even more mysterious and beyond my current understanding.) So in a way, I am saying that I am thankful for my very existence. Can’t get more basic than that!

One might even say that my mind is the only possession I have that is sure to exist! Even if my senses and memories aren’t to be trusted, even if I succumb to solipsism and give up ever knowing what is real, even if the physical world is subsumed by the Wired and my own identity is called to question, I can hold onto that one sure thing that guarantees my existence.

lain thinking