Anime ’13 in 2hus: Yuuka no Hana, Hataraku Ojou-sama!, Girls und Panzer (12Days#5)

yuuka's aku no hana

hataraku ojousama hataraku ed with tenko

touhous und panzer katyusha remilia

I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry.


shikieiki yamada

Letter from the Editor: What to Expect For the Near Future

Hello readers, t0moko here! My Future Diary predicts the forthcoming posts on this blog! As such, I’ve declared myself editor-in-chief of Illusions to Illusions. Our rikuo06 is holed up with a school essay assignment to finish and a math midterm to study for, but not to worry! He’ll make up on the missed posts soon enough, I’ll make sure of that! We wouldn’t want to run into a DEAD END this early in the game, would we Ri~kuo~♡

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