TD VII: Advent Season (12Days#1)

“Look Aniki! I can pun too!”

“Tomo-chan, stop playing with your words or I’ll make you eat them!”

“Oh? Like you did with your Thanksgiving week post plans?” Burn!

(The above anecdote is a completely fictitious conversation between me and rikuo06, and does not exist in real life, just like your waifu.)

It’s that time of the year, when snow floats down computer screens even if you live south of the equator, and anime bloggers inundate my feed reader with 12 Days of Christmas posts even if they don’t actually fancy celebrating the first coming of Jesus Christ. Not to mention the actual Twelve Days begins and not ends on December 25th. Please tell me that in all these however many years this blogging tradition has been going on somebody else noticed this or at least found out by Googling it. (Thank you, draggle.)

Putting that aside, the 12 Days of Christmas in anime blog tradition is supposed to be a series of posts that reflect on the great, special, or memorable moments of the past year. A recap episode for your blog, so to speak. (And here I thought you all hated recap episodes!) But as you might be able to tell by glancing at the sidebar on the right, we don’t have much to look back upon in this blog. We’ve only started writing actual posts since last month, and I myself only just discovered the anime blogs earlier this year. Imagine me then, arriving from the wasteland of chaotic forum discussions and spotty MyAnimeList recommendations, into the oasis of well-written and thought-out opinions, analyses, and reviews that is the aniblogosphere. Actually, forums have their value, and quality blog posts are not nearly as ubiquitous as the previous sentence makes them sound, but the point is that I gained access to a humongous trove of informative content to dig through. Accordingly, I’ve probably spent far more time this year reading about anime than actually watching anime. Not exactly a sustainable course if I plan to write about anime more extensively in the future, but it has provided my limited anime experience with a larger-scale perspective and framework. Now that the rate at which I discover new blogs has decreased, my archive binges will grow rarer and rarer. However, knowing now the vastness of the Internet and the outspokenness of anime fandom past, present, and future, I am confident that I’ll always be able to find something interesting to read.

And there we go. On this first day of Anime Christmas, I look back on looking back into the tremendous resource that is the aniblogosphere. To further commemorate, I’ve looked back once more in order to find the origins of the 12 Days of Anime tradition. No, not the more recent iterations launched by Scamp of The Cart Driver. I had to look a bit further back than usual, in fact, Way Back. Thanks to the necromancer powers granted by the WayBack Machine internet archives, I was able to resurrect long-dead blogs to get to the roots of this annual ritual. Here it is for your reading pleasure, a piece of anime blog history, the first invitation to “The 12 Days of Christmas, anime blogging style.”


  • The first observance was in 2007, making this year’s the 7th annual Twelve Days. There, my title pun is now complete. (Note: I have not watched the movie “FF VII: Advent Children,” nor have I played any games from the Final Fantasy franchise.)
  • As noted in the link, the first 12 Days of Christmas was a joint project by an entity known as the ABC (Anime Blogging Collective). The person who actually came up with the idea, though, is apparently CCY of What is eternity doing tonight? and later, Mega Megane Moe. CCY, aka canon, launched subsequent anime 12 Days before disappearing from the aniblogosphere. If you feel like thanking (or blaming) someone for starting the tradition, canon-chan can now be found on Twitter here, tweeting nonstop about stuff like coding, Reflec Beat, KanColle, and the upcoming winter Comiket.
canon-chan's 12 days of christmas

Dammit, Canon-chan, you knew!


One thought on “TD VII: Advent Season (12Days#1)

  1. (The above anecdote is a completely fictitious conversation between me and rikuo06, and does not exist in real life, just like your waifu.)

    My dreams were just shattered. How can I live on while I know I’m living a lie? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY BELOVED TSUTSUKASHI?!?!?!

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