Blogathon Blitz: Fantastic Memes

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Blogging Style: Variety

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Fantastic Memes claims to be a blog about “Appreciating the Unappreciated in Anime.” As such, many of its posts address various aspects and elements of anime that are often easily dismissed or ridiculed. Additionally, these posts tend to generate lengthy, informative discussions in their comment sections, altogether making them an engrossing read.

The author of this blog is one frog know only as Frog, though most people address him as Frog-kun, Froggy-kun, and occasionally, Señor Frog. Even in his more analysis-focused, editorial-type posts, he maintains a friendly, informal tone that is a smooth to read and very welcoming towards discussion. Meanwhile, he also sparingly does episodic reviews, choosing one series each season (currently, the second season of Infinite Stratos). Before he picked up blogging, he was also a prolific fanfiction writer. Frog-kun is currently one of the most active non-episodic anime bloggers that I am following, often posting every two to three days. He hasn’t missed a week since May until last week, though apparently he is currently busy working on his light novel!

Clearly, I have much to learn from such a productive frog, and so can you! Head on over to Fantastic Memes to join the fun!

Extra Thoughts

  • Froggy-kun’s friend uminohoshi occasionally guest posts on Fantastic Memes.
  • Froggy-kun just recently reached his 100th blog post. Congrats!
  • Whenever I see someone call him Señor Frog, I always mentally add a sombrero and maracas to his profile pic. Totally not racist. (Actually, I think he’s Australian?)
  • Could this be his tragic backstory? On a related note, I would love to read a blog post written in this style.

frog profile pic

“Know me only as Frog,” quoth the frog.

3 thoughts on “Blogathon Blitz: Fantastic Memes

  1. Through this post I discovered that WordPress ate my header. That makes me really sad, so I have reuploaded it. Check it out now – it’s a picture of the best scene from the best anime of the season.

    • Indeed. I’ve updated the screenshot, though it’ll eventually be outdated again anyway, I guess? Also, I’ve done likewise with my header. Well, it may not be the best show, but it’s still my favorite scene.

      • Hey, I like your choice in header! It’s giving me all the feels.

        (By the way, you’ve given me the idea to do the Blogathon Blitz for some blogs which I like! Thanks for that.)

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