rikuo06’s Answers to Anime Blog Carnival: CHEAP TRICKS Edition

Time for me to answer my own questions first.

Anime Blog Carnival: CHEAP TRICKS Edition!


If you’re tagged, please write a reply post answering the following questions. Be as concise or long-winded as you like. Please link back to this page and whoever tagged you, then tag at least two additional people (the more the better) and give each of them a silly nickname. Then find the nearest or most convenient person available online or in real life and shout “CHEAP TRICKS!” at them in your best rage voice/face. Afterwards, wish them a Happy Thanksgiving or simply bid them good day. If you were actually angry with the person, you may optionally slug them in the face with your fist, though this is not recommended.


  1. What is one CHEAP TRICK that you can’t stand or have problems with? CHEAP TRICK implies some method or element that is used towards some effect or end, whether explicitly or just in your head. It also implies that it worked on you at least once before you got wise of it. This may be something related to anime, manga, games, novels, or whatever comes to mind.
  2. What is one CHEAP TRICK that still gets you every time? For example, maybe some sad girls in the snow make you tear up no matter how lame you think the actual story is. Or maybe there’s that one voice actor or artist on board that makes a product a must-watch/read/play for you, regardless of the overall quality.
  3. What was one scene in an anime/manga/game/novel/etc. that conveyed it’s emotion so strongly that your own feelings were caught up in it? Grief, relief, joy, depression, fear, or of course rage. Note that this is different from your reaction to something outside of the in-story emotional content, like raging at a terribly written plot development or BEST GIRL not getting her deserved ending, unless the characters themselves express the same emotion.
  4. BONUS QUESTION: Thanksgiving Times (optional) – What’s one thing you’re thankful for this year/season/week/day/moment?
  5. BONUS QUESTION: Blogathon Blitz (optional) – What’s the latest and greatest blog or website you’ve discovered, and why should people check it out? If you haven’t found any new ones lately, recommend an old one that you think deserves more attention.


  1. 3DCG characters in anime series. I thought it was pretty neat at first. And there are some damn fine MMD videos. But do I want entire anime series looking like it was made in MMD? No, no I don’t. Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova really tries hard to make it appealing, but I just can’t swallow. I sure hope the KanColle anime avoids taking the same route. Before, I would have said Black☆Rock Shooter was an exception, because Imaishi, but man was some of that Kill la Kill CG broken. Oh wait, that’s because Trigger was broke.

    satsuki walking up walls

    Click to see Satsuki-sama gracefully walk up a wall.

  2. I’m gonna have to go with the favorite seiyuu answer on this one. And that would be the overwhelmingly popular Hanazawa Kana. The voice that makes otakus’ hearts go fuwa fuwari fuwa fuwaru around the globe. Give her a substantial role in a series, and I’ll give it a go, no matter how banal or unappealing the rest of the show seems. Case in point: I finished Zettai Bouei Leviathan. Though to the show’s defense, the rest of the voicing cast was great as well, and the show’s plot (and horribly conspicuous CG dragons) were dumb in a way that amused me. The problem is that, at the rate she’s picking up roles (up to 8 shows this season alone), I’ll never be able catch up on all of them!

    hanakana fairy

    The HanaKana fairy wants YOU to watch ALL of her anime. ALL OF THEM

  3. CHEAP TRICKS! My answer couldn’t be anything but this one, duh. For those who still don’t know what this is all about, CHEAP TRICKS refers to a scene in the visual novel Little Busters! and the second season of it’s anime adaptation, Little Busters! ~Refrain~. A difference of opinions. A withheld secret. Unexplained decisions. These things lead the protagonist Riki to challenge his oldest friend and leader of their group, Kyousuke. They each partner up and face one another in a two-on-two baseball match. Though the four are all close friends, the atmosphere of camaraderie is absent. Rain starts pouring down. Though the object of their competition is to decide the future of Rin, another friend of theirs, it feels like a battle for the very fate of the world. The final bat of the game comes, and it should be a clincher for the protagonist’s team. But then the unthinkable happens. An unseen distraction, a moment of hesitation, and then a miss. The brief silence filled with disbelief is broken by Kengo, up until then the calmest of the group. Screaming foul play (CHEAP TRICKS), he tosses the bat aside and pummels Kyousuke into the muddy ground. It takes the other two to rip Kengo, who shouts in frustration, away from Kyousuke. Kyousuke, somehow the perpetrator of the whole situation, simply stands up and glares coldly at the rest of them, saying the closing words of the scene:
    called game

    “Called game.”

    This scene powerfully depicts the moment when a troubled friendship is brought past its fracturing point. It is one of the scenes that makes the LB! visual novel a masterpiece in my eyes, and one that potentially redeems the overall subpar anime adaptation. Additionally, it has grown on me with repeated viewings, becoming even more potent after the mysteries and motivations of each of the involved were revealed. For those who have seen/read Clannad After Story, it is a watershed point of the story comparable to the scene of Ushio’s birth. I find this scene even more special, though, because it seems harder to find outright bursts of anger between friends in a scene central to the storyline. More concisely put, Kengo’s scream of rage shakes my very soul, and every time I rewatch the scene I feel like shouting CHEAP TRICKS (茶番だあぁぁぁーーーーーーーーーっ!!) along with him.

  4. I’ll be doing this all week in my Thanksgiving Times posts.
  5. I’ll also be doing this all week in my Blogathon Blitz posts. Stick around to read them!


I’ve already tagged you all previously, but here they are again.

  1. dmdutcher (Swift Samurai Keiichi)
  2. japesland (Swift Samurai Nia)
  3. TheBigN (Swift Samurai Sanji)
  4. GoodbyeNavi (Swift Samurai Shirou)
  5. 123 (Swift Samurai Kengo)
  6. Shinsei (Swift Samurai Rokuro)
  7. Emperor J (Swift Samurai Nanashi)

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