Thanksgiving Times + Blogathon Blitz and other CHEAP TRICKS


It’s been two weeks and the blog post count is none the higher. My life may be entering an existential crisis here, and by that I mean a certain merciless editor will be threatening to end it if I don’t reach the arbitrary quota of thirty posts by the turn of the month. But fear not! This fledgling blogger has a plan! An ingenious plan that will sweep through the battlefield to seize the day and lead us to victory! I call it…

Thanksgiving Times + Blogathon Blitz!

Codename: TiTs + BooBz!

TiTs + BooBz

Carpe diem, indeed.

Okay, that was an excessively lewd name, but I think it’s still better than NaNoWriMo.

The plan is as follows. Each day starting from now until Thanksgiving day (and further as needed), Illusions To Illusions will be updated at least thrice (that means three times, right?), with the following types of posts:

  • Thanksgiving Times => The writer announces, to all who care to read, one thing that he/she/it is thankful for. Simple enough!
  • Blogathon Blitz => We choose a blog, or blogger, that we love to read! Or find ourselves greatly influenced by! Or would highly like to recommend! Or perhaps all of the above! And we write about it! Exciting!
  • Operation Post-Away-It => This is a sub-strategy in itself! Desperate times call for desperate measures, so in order to reach our quota for posts, anything goes! Picdumps, reblogs, Youtube/NicoNicoDouga video recommendations, trashy fanfiction, spontaneous poetry, and all manner of CHEAP TRICKS. I didn’t include it in the main strategy title, which is already long and unwieldy, and who knows when else it might come in handy. Incidentally, it seems that my naming sense is not getting any less lewd with Op. P-A-I!

Our modus operandi. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well, that’s the gist of it. In case you don’t appreciate the ingenuity of my strategy, first consider the state of this blog: young and unknown, severely lacking in posts and in visitors. My double grab maneuver, as demonstrated earlier, assaults both fronts (oh my!) by drawing in viewers from the blogs I review while ensuring a steady stream of content to have them coming back for more. Tack on the seasonal appeal for an attack bonus, and we have ourselves a surefire path towards victory!

But wait! Regardless of how successful this strategy will turn out, most of the results will only be seen in the endgame. This leaves the earlier posts during the campaign, including this one, sitting sadly in the dust. To really jumpstart this project, I’ll have to resort to further measures. And I have just the thing…

Anime Blog Carnival: CHEAP TRICKS edition!



In all fairness, blog carnivals, blogger interrogations, questionnaires, and the like are all time-honored methods for drawing in more readers (farming pageviews), encouraging discussion of particular topics (coercing people for their personal info), and leading people to discover new blogs (adding fresh meat to the circlejerk), as demonstrated in the hyperlinked trackbacks above that hopefully will bring me additional visitors. Of course, the difference here is that I am attempting to do so on only the 5th post on this blog. How cheeky of me. But after a rigorous night of review, all of my strategies have the full approval and backing of none other than the legendary tactician Zhuge Liang.

loli zhuge liang

It took a while for me to convince her that the strategy codename was coincidental and that I am, in fact, not obsessed with large breasts.

So let’s cut to the chase and get this out there. Feel free to copy-paste the following if you’d like when it’s your turn to post.


Anime Blog Carnival: CHEAP TRICKS Edition!


If you’re tagged, please write a reply post answering the following questions. Be as concise or long-winded as you like. Please link back to this page and whoever tagged you, then tag at least two additional people (the more the better) and give each of them a silly nickname. Then find the nearest or most convenient person available online or in real life and shout “CHEAP TRICKS!” at them in your best rage voice/face. Afterwards, wish them a Happy Thanksgiving or simply bid them good day. If you were actually angry with the person, you may optionally slug them in the face with your fist, though this is not recommended.


  1. What is one CHEAP TRICK that you can’t stand or have problems with? CHEAP TRICK implies some method or element that is used towards some effect or end, whether explicitly or just in your head. It also implies that it worked on you at least once before you got wise of it. This may be something related to anime, manga, games, novels, or whatever comes to mind.
  2. What is one CHEAP TRICK that still gets you every time? For example, maybe some sad girls in the snow make you tear up no matter how lame you think the actual story is. Or maybe there’s that one voice actor or artist on board that makes a product a must-watch/read/play for you, regardless of the overall quality.
  3. What was one scene in an anime/manga/game/novel/etc. that conveyed it’s emotion so strongly that your own feelings were caught up in it? Grief, relief, joy, depression, fear, or of course rage. Note that this is different from your reaction to something outside of the in-story emotional content, like raging at a terribly written plot development or BEST GIRL not getting her deserved ending, unless the characters themselves express the same emotion.
  4. BONUS QUESTION: Thanksgiving Times (optional) – What’s one thing you’re thankful for this year/season/week/day/moment?
  5. BONUS QUESTION: Blogathon Blitz (optional) – What’s the latest and greatest blog or website you’ve discovered, and why should people check it out? If you haven’t found any new ones lately, recommend an old one that you think deserves more attention.


  1. Answer question one.
  2. Answer question two.
  3. Answer question three.
  4. Answer question four.
  5. Answer question five.

I will write my own answers in a separate post in a few hours and add a link to it below.


I’ll begin by tagging our first seven subscribers, henceforth to be known as the Seven Swift Samurai.

  1. dmdutcher (Swift Samurai Keiichi)
  2. japesland (Swift Samurai Nia)
  3. TheBigN (Swift Samurai Sanji)
  4. GoodbyeNavi (Swift Samurai Shirou)
  5. 123 (Swift Samurai Kengo)
  6. Shinsei (Swift Samurai Rokuro)
  7. Emperor J (Swift Samurai Nanashi)

Go forth, Seven Swift Samurai! The success of this mission depends on you!



Links to participant’s replies will go here:

14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Times + Blogathon Blitz and other CHEAP TRICKS

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    • I thought that would be obvious by now…

      Well then, onto business. *tagged* With the Seven Swift Samurai taking their sweet time to respond to the call, I was considering where to look for hired guns, and suddenly look who shows up at my door… the Megane Mercenary! Name your price, good sir!

      • Hmm…I’ll just have to warn you that with Thanksgiving coming up, I won’t be doing anything aside from stuffing my face, and attempting to enjoy the rest of the weekend. After that? I might be able to help you out, because I’m a kind soul and these types of posts are good stall tactics.

        BUT! There’s some stuff I already have planned for next week, so unless you can pay me in turkey blood, there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll take your mission head on. Those are my conditions!

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