Letter from the Editor: What to Expect For the Near Future

Hello readers, t0moko here! My Future Diary predicts the forthcoming posts on this blog! As such, I’ve declared myself editor-in-chief of Illusions to Illusions. Our rikuo06 is holed up with a school essay assignment to finish and a math midterm to study for, but not to worry! He’ll make up on the missed posts soon enough, I’ll make sure of that! We wouldn’t want to run into a DEAD END this early in the game, would we Ri~kuo~♡

We’ll have more miscellaneous posts coming up, and once a few more people are circulating through here we’ll have our official inaugural Tea Party. Hopefully the kind where guests actually show up! I am planning a post or series of posts to highlight the blogs and other works that have inspired our own.

Also, our whimsical comrade and owner of this blog hhmobius asked me to put out this notice:

To our honorable new visitors and most welcome guests

I put forth but one single and humble request:

On this blog’s first post, entitled just ‘test’,

The page seems to host a quite splendid rhymefest;

Yet one particular rhyme that I’d consider the best

Is nowhere to be seen! Thought I’d get that off my chest.

Now if you’d be so kind to entertain my small jest,

Put the word in its rightful place among the rest!

Apparently there will be fame and riches awaiting the one who does. Or maybe just an electronic pat on the back. Either way, hopefully any future “puzzles” like this will be a little more cleverer, since this one’s a simple matter of process of elimination. Step it up, dude!

See you back here soon!

“I AM BOSS” Tomoko

i am boss

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