Pre-Game Tea Party

Tomoko:  Don’t the Tea Parties come at the end of each game?

Rikuo:  Yeah, but here we’ll mostly have just the Tea Parties and not too many games. (Though there will be some!) So we’re pre-gaming for the Tea Party!

Tomoko:  Oh alrigh– wait no that was terrible.

Rikuo:  You’re the one who dragged me here to co-author this post on such a short notice. Don’t expect me to come up with something clever or meaningful all of a sudden.

Tomoko:  You’re the one who kept mumbling about starting to write posts for this site since half a year ago. Don’t expect me to put up with your dilly-dallying any longer. You want this to happen? It starts now. Now or never.

Rikuo:  But I haven’t decided on a focus yet. Or a format. Or a theme.

Tomoko:  I believe we established the last one quite a while ago. In more ways than one. The rest will develop as we go.

Rikuo:  But all my plans! My ideas! They’re not ready!

Tomoko:  They don’t need to be. It’s just a blog.

Rikuo:  You know very well that I don’t want to make “just a blog”! I want to make something uniquely mine. Something that’s both informative and expressive. Something that I can pour my opinions, my feelings, my musings, my passion and creativity into. Something that will bare my heart and connect to others…

Tomoko:  Sounds like a blog to me. At least, one that’s done right. And my job here is to get you started on the doing part first, because it sure as hell won’t ever work out the other way around.

Rikuo:  …right, you’re right. Thanks. You’re doing a great job. Keep me rolling here.

Tomoko:  By the way, where the heck is that hhmobius guy. He technically owns this blog, or created the account, right? Is he gonna be writing posts with us?

Rikuo:  I’ll let him know we’ve started. (Well, obviously he’ll see this when we post anyway.) Apparently he decided he wouldn’t start until a visitor commented with the right keyword on that first post. I guess he got some funny idea after the last comment about passwords for secret posts. But then people stopped commenting after that.

Tomoko:  Keyword? Oh… oh. I’m afraid I probably know what it is. Sheesh, like that was ever going to happen when there aren’t even any visitors. He must be as much of a slacker as you are. And obsessed with rhymes.

Rikuo:  The best are. And rhymes are one of the few points English wordplay has over Japanese.

Tomoko:  I’ll give you that one. I can’t imagine, say,  Team Rocket without their catchy intro speech. (Though now I kinda want to hear what they say in the original Japanese.)

Rikuo:  Oh man, it’s been so long since are Pokemon days. Over a decade, and hundreds of episodes! I wonder if they even use that speech anymore. Hey, wanna pick up the new Pokemon XY anime this season?

Tomoko:  No thanks! I’m loaded as is. By the way, I’ve kinda made the assumption, but we will be blogging about anime, correct?

Rikuo:  Yes, we’ll talk about anime. But make no mistake, it won’t be about just anime. Manga, novels, games, music, art, fandom, philosophy, society, self-searching… whatever I feel pressed to WordPress! No scheduled episodic summary/reviews, unless I feel like it. Why make a hobby into a chore? I’ll post what I like, when I like!

Tomoko:  Better get pumped then, ’cause we’re aiming for 30 posts by the end of the month.

Rikuo:  Buh, 30 posts!? That’s impossible! Not that NaBloPoMo tripe again! Besides, we’re already three days late!

Tomoko:  There’s the three of us altogether, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’ll even let that first test post count. You might want to start spreading the word soon though, if you want the other guy on board.

Rikuo:  Hai, hai, Mokocchi-sensei.

Tomoko:  Go forth and save the aniblogosphere, Riku-nii-yan!

Rikuo:  Ugh…

Tomoko:  Uguu!

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